Crown and Bough

Saturday, 12 November 2016


Seeing //  these vibrant non-blooms I bought from the flower shop.

Smelling //  mulled wine scented candles.

Tasting //  cheese with mango and apricot chutney.

Hearing //  the clanking of dishes as I wash up, with Roan scuttling around in the background.

Feeling //  pleasantly tired.

Watching //  a Netflix mystery series called Shetland: takes place on the Shetland Islands where the lead detective solves murders with limited staff and resources.  Detective Perez doesn't have anything particularly special about him, but he is a good man, and passionate, and I really like that about him.  He shares custody of his adoptive daughter with her birth father (her mother and his wife passed away) which is an uncharacteristic open-heartedness for modern television.

Reading //  my November copy of Real Simple I brought over on the plane with me.  There are some lovely recipes, tips for cleaning tough kitchen spots, and holiday makeup guide stories!

Loving //  our parish here, which has made us so welcome!

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