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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

St. Martin's Summer

Called after a brave, good man who could be the patron saint of anyone who has made a mistake, it contains the ingredients for a wonderful season. Summer has not spurned us, merely divided its bright cloak, saving some of itself for later – for the Summer of Saint Martin.

-- Horatio Clare

Saint Martin never fails to usher the last breath of summer our way before the start of Advent.  With temperatures in the mid to high 50's Fahrenheit, we are running about without coats and extra layers; and I insisted we take the boys to the seashore last night, while the weather is still mild, so the ocean air doesn't cut to the bone.  My feet were hurting from walking all day, so I sent John down with the boys, and it was a moment of pure, undiluted contentment--watching the little ones run about with joy, being chased by their dad, with the great, magnanimous Irish Sea looking on.

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