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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Chasing the Sun, pt. 1

This is the story: we had to go to Bangor anyway to pick up official paperwork for my immigration, and I always look ahead of time at the weather to see how we should dress.  Without the luxury of a car, getting caught in the rain or cold temperatures without coats is a worst-case scenario.  I saw that the sun would be out for the early afternoon, but as the day wore on, it would be overtaken by clouds.  So I looked up all the surrounding areas to see if there were any different forecast.  Turned out that over the sound on Anglesey the sun was to shine all the day long.

(The bus takes us through Conwy, also known (by me) as the walled castle town.)

So after we did our errand in Bangor, we hung about for a bit.  That's the clock tower on the high street where John and I met on our first date-that-wasn't-a-date.  We got some lunch (very stressful).  Then when it began to get dark, we hopped the bus to Beaumaris.

The holiday town was almost a ghost-town in the late afternoon at this time of year.  It was too late to check out the castle, but we played in the park just outside.

Then we sought out this house that I used to daydream about on our walks back from the lighthouse across the countryside.  All it's missing is a garden, but across from it, where I'm standing with my camera, is a little country lane unfurling into fenced meadows and green hills; so that when you step out your door each day, an open road greets you, wide and waiting.

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