Crown and Bough

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Dear summer, please could you come round?  We've had the room reserved and in order for some time now.  Winter has not been in residence for ages.  Shall we send someone up for the turn-down service?

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Victorian Extravaganza

The Victorian Extravaganza is an annual fair held in Llandudno.  It has attached itself to the Victorian theme because of the turn-of-the-century steam machines on display.  That and Llandudno was a popular tourist/holiday-maker destination during the Victorian era, as can be seen in its architecture.

1 // selling balloons
2 // "shut up and take my money"
3 // fresh doughnuts
4 // enjoying doughnuts with Jamie
5 // the big wheel
6 // Afon enjoys the ferris wheel
7 // Roan in the Paw Patrol plane (of course)
8 // on the pier
9 // candy stall
10 // view from the pier

Photos taken on 400 and 200 speed film with a Pentax K1000.