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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Park Child

At the park one evening...

Person:  Aw, she's so cute!
Me:  Thank you!
Person:  How old is she?
Me:  21 months.

Policeman:  Have you been good, little one?
Roan:  *points at police car*  RoRo.
Me:  I think he thinks the car will take him to his aunt.
Policeman:  What's her name?
Me:  Caroline, or RoRo for short.
Policeman:  *holidng out a teddy bear*  Have you been a good girl, Caroline?

I guess I shouldn't put such a beautiful boy-child in a romper, even if it is blue.

He met some twin girls just his age, and they reached out and touched each others fingers in a point/reach thing and were generally shy by very interested in each other.  Roan wanted to go down the slide so of course the girls did as well.  All three babies were determined to stand right at the bottom of the slide to intercept any on-going slide-traffic.  I don't know what it is about the mouth of a slide that is like a baby fly-catcher.  So their mom and I had to put on one at a time (only halfway up because it was a tall slide!) while the other held the remaining two out of the way.

We moved on to a shorter slide attached to a jungle gym.  Standers-by called to their children, "Look out for the little girl!"

Roan was unimpressed with the free teddy bear, so when another little girl toddler pointed and reached for it, we gave it to her.  He thought the ducks were pretty neat, and to be fair, they were.  There were some really silly ones with silly, flabby red faces, and R. kept skirting close to the waterline making my mama heart palpitate.  Then he started out around the long path around the big pond, got tired halfway through when it was too far to turn back, and made me carry him the rest of the way to the car.

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