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Friday, 14 October 2016

My Spooky Collection

When I see a greeting card I like, I buy it, and I keep it.  Art prints are a kinda new phenomenon, but greeting cards are not, and I think it's funny it's never occurred to anyone else by now to replace the one with the other.  I will mail cards to friends, too, of course, but if they are designs I really enjoy, I will only send them to homes where they won't be thrown away.  What can I say?  I like art!

These are my favorites from this Halloween, and Halloween is my favorite, so I guess you could call these my favorite favorites!  (Christmas and Saint Valentine's Day are runners up.)  My tastes are extremely personal and hinge on design, fonts, color, style (the vintage skeleton hand holding an orange drink in a martini slays me), and wittiness of the message.

Obviously, these are all winners.

Every time we cross paths is a lucky day.  //  All good Halloween wishes heading your way.
We may be far apart...  //  ...but our hearts are as close as always.  Happy Halloween
Here's to raising spirits...  //  ...and to good friends like you!
Full moon.  Black sky.  Winds howl.  Bats fly.  //  Have fun.  Eat sweets.  Enjoy.  Repeat.  Happy Halloween

(If you want one of these cards and are willing to give it a good home--in other words, keep it in a shoebox with all your other miscellany until your grandchildren clean it out after you're dead--send me your address and I'll be happy to mail one to you!)

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