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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Harvestmoon Farm

Roan took a trip to the corn maze last Sunday.  I have to say I love the name of the farm, Harvestmoon, which was just right for the theme, the 50th anniversary of "Great Pumpkin" from Charlie Brown.  The sun was hot but the breeze was cool and it was just right under the shade.

Roan led the way through the maze, forging his own path, starting at the exit.  All that corn without a cob in sight must have made him hungry!  So he ate some popcorn and rested in the pumpkin patch.  He loved going down the slide, and a little girl took charge and saw to his safe back-and-forth from the bottom of the dirt hill and up to the top again, where I placed him on her lap and they slid down together.  That was after I'd been with him a few times.

Our last stop was the petting zoo, in which he was only passingly interested.  The piglet I managed to pick up screamed; it was a bloodcurdling squeal and sounded too human, so that my automatic reaction was to hug it to my chest and comfort it, before realizing I was probably making it worse.  The chickens, however, were quite content to be held by their puffy bodes, with their scraggly feathered legs dangling, amazingly docile.

We stayed only a couple hours, which was just right for us, and drank plenty of water.  Afterwards, when we took off our shoes, our feet were dark from dust and tans.

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