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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Ye Olde Film

I came into possession of this tried and true classic thanks to some friends at church. Loaded my first roll of film today. I learned how to shoot on film, but it was a Canon with all the bells and whistles. This #Pentaxk1000 just feels so solid and mechanical, like a real tool. I've ordered the special battery for it; until then, I'm having to guess the speed without the built-in light meter. There's something so satisfying about manual focus, the noiseless click of the shutter, and turning the handle to wind the film after a taking a photo!

{Photos 1 through 6 shot on Pentax K1000 with a 50 mm f/2 lens on 400 speed Fujifilm.  Pics 7 and 8 from a Boots brand disposable camera.}

When I came to pick up my developed photos at the shop and load a new roll of film into the Pentax, an old gentleman was there, of the sporty retired variety, who joked with me: "What have you got there?  What is that?"  Having a joke with me about my young generation margin film obsolete.  I played along happily, saying, "Some archaic, useless thing, I don't really know..."

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