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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dressing Little Boys

The inequality of the sexes swings both ways; as the mother of two boys, it's difficult to find an affordable selection of little boy clothes that suit our tastes and needs.  More often than not, I am looking outside of the local resources to find clothing that is sweet and childlike and that doesn't scream "I'm branded a boy by my society."  I crave what I call the "Christopher Robin look," at least for the earlier ages.  Gender neutral play clothes that are made of comfortable, sustainable fabrics that won't break the bank.  Rompers, bodysuits, tights, and bonnets are a few things in high demand but short supply.

Well, that's just me.  But I think other mothers of boys can agree that the selection just isn't there like it is for girl-children.

Afon wears uniforms for most of the week and much of the year, so he only needs a few mix-and-matchers in his wardrobe; some long-wearing trousers and an assortment of tops that are easy to layer do the trick.  Roan has more variety modeled around the same principle: less items that can be switched up to be worn in a variety of ways.  For example, he only has two sweaters for the entire summer (one to wash and one to wear), along with a raincoat.  Afon has one sweater, and two raincoats, which are not part of his uniform.  Shirts are switched up with different shorts and trousers to make fresh looks (and to assure teachers and other nosy parties that yes we do wash their clothing--daily!).

I told someone once that I enjoy dressing my children like turn-of-the-century peasants.  In truth, I just pick out what attracts me.  Soon enough, they'll be making their own decisions about what to wear, and I will have to put up with the Sponge Bob logo graphic tee, whether I like it or not.

(The horror.)

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  1. Haha, this is awesome. :) I have a daughter, so I haven't spent much time in the boys' department, but I'm not surprised that the gendered-clothing issue causes problems in both directions. Serviceable clothing that any baby could wear would be awfully nice, and would prevent the likelihood of having to buy two entire, distinct wardrobes if you have children of different sexes!