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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Roan's Room

From Instagram:

This is Roan's room. It is my favorite part of the whole house because I've never decorated a baby room, for either of my babies, so I am vicariously reveling in the experience now. For my 3-years-old-today baby. The picture can't do it justice, but the winter light filtering in through the glass in late morning is the warmest, sublimest, coziest. I am very proud of that bed, too. I found it and bought it all on my own at the British Heart Foundation charity shop and my father-in-law examined it after the fact and gave his approval (which is not easily won, I assure you). I imagine some whimsical forest wallpaper come the following years, when time and money allow. And lots of bedtime cuddles while reading The Hobbit and The Phantom Tollbooth and The Chronicles of Narnia in the years to come. <3

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