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Monday, 11 September 2017

Something for Mary

September is here at last (probably my favorite month--but ask me again in October--and then November!) and it's time to crack down on reestablishing rhythm.  I've got the major feast days and memorials of the month pasted onto my Facebook page.  Because let's be honest, that's the surest place I'll never lose them.  We have a little bit more time to gather ourselves now that Afon is back at school; stepping outside is a like a brisk shower.  It's just bright enough, just windy enough, just chill enough to wake-you-up!  And that gave me the little spritz I needed to do something for the Nativity of Mary.

All short cuts here.  I bought ready-made frosting and an easy mix for the sponge cake.  Roan readily helped me smoosh stir the batter and add the food coloring.  We baked our cake, added globs of icing, and I prettily penned a birthday message with store-bought writing icing.  All we needed then were a few candles...

He nod-spasmed along to "Happy Birthday," we said a Hail Mary, and dug in!  Roan gave a kiss to Our Lady of Walsingham (with some prompting).  He fed her her cake as well (that was all him).

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