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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Yarn Along

A triptych of a baby bonnet, more or less.  Been a long time in the making.

The title caught my attention, Fast Days & Feast Days, but after the initial double take I knew it had nothing to do with the liturgical year.  It still made enough of an impression that I picked it up on clearance in The Works a few days ago.  The gist of it is that incorporating two days of 500-calorie fasting into one's week will improve health.  Its foundations are in scientific research; the weight loss that comes along is just an added benefit.  Well, well.  What do you know!  Yet another thing the Catholic Church was onto centuries ahead of everyone else.  (I hardly need to add that there are two main days for fasting, on Wednesdays and Fridays, so . . . I'ma shut up now!)

There's a forecast for snow (!!!) tomorrow, and while I appreciate the attempt, Mission Impossible hail stones falling from the sky today just wasn't the same!

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  1. My brother is a science-minded chiropractor (vs the more new agey ones) and he said he's very impressed with the research on intermittent fasting.

    I'm glad you shared your blog page again. It's been too long.