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Monday, 29 August 2016

Clothing for Afon

Today I sent out a box of clothing for Afon.  It cost more than $20 to mail the lightweight, smallish box, but since it looks like it's going to be another couple of months before I can see him again, I wanted to get these to him before the summer ends in Wales, which, I'm afraid, will be any day now.  Oops.

I took these pictures of each article of clothing with its respective gifter, printed them out on computer paper, and included them in the package so that he can see and understand who they are from and that they came from our hands into his.

I've been looking for a schoolboy cardigan for him for over two years now, and Old Navy came through!  The bottom shirt says "Watch out I bite," which, in his case, is not facetious.  I saw the shirt and had to have it for him.  It's so important to find the joy and humor in things.

I love you Afon-boy, and miss you every day.  <3

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